Are you suffering from hair loss, hair breakage, front hair loss, receding hair, hair dandruff, hair discoloration, etc.? Or do you desire a better and natural hair care?

HERE ARE NATURAL HAIR CARE PRODUCTS free of chemicals, safe for both virgin hair and relaxed hair; your hair will grow, glow and flourish in a dark and shining manner you might have never experienced before.

Glow- Faad  Mega growth Hair treatment– 100% natural Hair treatment product for soft, shining, straight and strong hair. Made of Pure curry leave Oil, Moringa leaf, shea butter, soya bean oil, shikakai, zinginbar officinale, blotin lemon grass, sweet almond oil, coco nut oil, sunflower oil and flowers,Rich Milk, Vitamin E, etc – All natural products without a drop of chemical. This is a natural alternative to Relaxer for soft and manageable African hair. Good for both children and adult.