Agbor is the biggest and the most cosmopolitan city of the lka nation. The historic origin of Agbor kingdom as we stated earlier has different angles. Some writers trace the origin of Agbor to the reign of Oba Ewedo of Benin. 

According to this perspective – the Oba had twin sons named Edo and Ogugunagbon. Both were subjected to a kind of lucky dip in order to pick a successor to Oba Ewedo. Ogugunagbon was unlucky to choose the wrong box and had to leave Benin with throng of his supporters to a new location leading to his founding of Agbor. However, Prince Adams Gbenoba in his book “The History and Culture of Agbor (Agbon) Kingdom” agrees with the Benin origin but adds another angle:

“Without doubt, beyond myths and legends by way of oral tradition, no accounts can be more authentic than the neutral, historical accounts of colonial travelers, explorers and administrators. Mr. J. Macrae-Simpson on page 5 of his “1935 INTELLIGENCE REPORT ON THE AGBOR CLAN IN THE AGBOR DISTRICT’ recorded thus: “Talbet, on page 168 of Volume 1 of Southern Nigeria”, quotes an extract from the chronicle of the Dutch historian-traveller Henrik Nyendael, which seems to be a description of the exodus from Benin of the founder of Agbor Clan: “After this barbarity, the King aIso found a third manthat stood on hisway, who, being universally beloved,was timely warned …and accordingly took his flight, accompanied by three-fourths of the inhabitants of the town. The King caused the fugitives to be pursued.. Then the fugitives, thoroughly incensed and flushed, came directly to the City, which they plundered and pillaged, sparing no place but the King’s Court; after which he returned, but incessantly continued to rob the inhabitants of Great Benin, till at last a peace was concluded … He lives two or three days’ journey from Benin, where he keeps at Agbor as great a Court and State as the King…”.